Municipality of Bačka Palanka is located at waste area in Southwest of Bačka (579 km2, which is about 100 km2 more than the average size of Vo­jvodina municipalities), and that means that this municipality belongs to a group of larger municipalities in Vojvodina, with 12 villages (Bačka Palanka, Čelarevo, Obrovac, Tovariševo, Karadjordjevo, Mladenovo, Nova Gajdobra, Gajdobra, Silbaš, Despotovo, Pivnice, Parage). In addition, it also includes two small settlements in Srem (Neštin and Vizić), which means that the Danube, as the border between Bačka and Srem, cuts the municipal territory of irregular shape that is elongated in the direction North - South. Bačka Palanka is located 40km West from Novi Sad, 122 km Northwest of Belgrade, 107 km South of Subotica, 323km South of Budapest and 564 km Southeast of Vienna. Longitude is 45° 15 '02 "N and latitude 19 ° 23' 19" E.




at 1 km²


average age






average salary (neto)

410 eur

number of Primary schools

11 (4545 students)

number of Secondary schools

3 (1854 students)


The greatest importance are two car roads. First, that leads from Novi Sad over the Bačka Palanka to Bač and Sombor, where it continues through Bezdan to Baranja and to Hungary at North .Near Odzaci,important part of this road leads to Bogojevo and Osijek. Another road cuts the municipality in direction North-South. It connects Backa Palanka over Vrbas, Backa Topola and Subotica, with middle and Northern Backa. Municipal territories are cut with two navigable canels of Hydrosistem Danube-Ti­sa-Danube Canal. The airport in Belgrade is 100 km away.


In the Municipality of Backa Palanka the metal indust­rie, machinery industry, construction, power metal, wiring and food industry are very important. Bačka Palanka has 45,962.79 hectares of fertile agricultural land. Industrial production is also developed, withthe biggest manufac­turing companies being: Tarkett (floor coverings), Нопал (manufacturerof electrical installation materials), Merkur (production of leather accessories), Nektar (fruit and veg­etable processing), Carlsberg Srbija Čelarevo (brewery), Fertil (producer ofmineral fertilizers), Soufflet (malt pro­duction), Majevica (agricultural machinery and tools), Aling-Conel Gajdobra (production in the field of electri­cal accessories and equipment) and Kovis BP (production, trade and service company).

Investment Opportunities

Advantageous geographical position, closeness to major cities and potential markets, the border area with Croatia, transit to Bosnia, developed road network, port on the Danube, the presence of multinational companies, the rich tradition of small business and entrepreneurship, developed agriculture and human resources are the basic guidelines for further development of the Municipality of Backa Palanka.

b.palanka_location_1Location 1
Name: Industrial Zone “South”
Area: 2 ha 

This plot land (area 2 ha) is located at Industrial Zone “South “, at the entrance to Bačka Palanka from Novi Sad, Souther of the highway M-7. Mentioned plot land is lo­cated at the working area “South” which has total area of 210ha, where operate many foreign companies , and the zone itself is supplied with electricity, gas, telephone and internet. This area is intended for manufacturing activity.

b.palanka_location_2Location 2
Name: Industrial Zone, “Nova Gajdobra”
Area: 16 ha 60ar 91m² 

This Work zone is next to the road R-119 (Horgoš-Bačka Palanka) and is intended for production and business ac­tivities. In accordance with the Spatial Planning and Con­struction Law, the deadline for issuing the spatial planning act is 30 days from the submission of a request; building permits are issued within 15 days from submission of the request, while registering the start of construction works is done in eight days.