The municipal territory is located at the Southeast of Backa. It has an area of 270 km2 of which 190 km2 is arable land. The municipality conists of six towns and villages such as: Titel,Lok, Vilovo, Gardinovci, Šajkaš and Mošorin. The municipality cov­ers the territory in the South East of Bačka, between the Dan­ube and the Tisza. It has an irregular square shape with clear boundaries separating the East and South that make the Tisza and Danube, while the Western and Northern boundaries are more conventional and drawn along lines that go to the border of the border of municipality . Longitude is 45 ° 12 '13 "N and the width20° 17’ 24"E




at 1 km²


average age






average salary

280 eur

number of Primary schools

6 (1409 students)

number of Secondary schools

1 (431 students)


Corridor X and Corridor VII (Danube) are the most sig­nificant for the municipality of Titel. All the villages are connected by road infrastructure, and two regional road R-110 and R-122 are passing through the municipality . Through the municipality passes railroad Novi Sad - Zren­jenin. Titel is 50 km away from Belgrade, 40 km from Novi Sad, and 30 km from Zrenjanin. Nikola Tesla Airport in Bel­grade is 60 km away from the Titel.


Agricultural production is very important with the 65% of the Gross Income of the municipality, mainly from ag­ricultural production, a smaller share have livestock and vegetable production. The municipality has all the pre­conditions for a stable and profitable agricultural pro­duction. Municipality has outstanding opportunities for refinement and processing of agricultural products. With significant investments agriculture could become one of the most important factors in the development of the mu­nicipality. In terms of industrial production, the most dominant branch is metal processing and construction material pro­duction.

Investment Opportunities

Location 1
Name: Work Zone South
Area: 450 ha 

Work zone is located on the fifth kilometer of Tisza and Danube confluence. It stretches in the South of the city under the railroad tracks and extends downstream to the length of 4500 meters along the river Tisza. Coming to this location is easy, as it is directly linked with regional roads, railways and navigable rivers with large national centers, Belgrade (55 km), Novi Sad (45 km) and Zrenjanin (30 km).
Establishment of a working zone in the coastal area of the Tisa river, in the vicinity of European Corridor VII – international Danube river, and with total infrastructure equipment of land, it is possible to create the conditions to attract investment and business, start-economic devel­opment of the municipality in order to create new jobs.