Municipality of Žabalj is located in the South Bačka dis­trict, area Šajkaška, and consists of four settlements: Žabalj, Čurug, Đurđevo and Gospođinci. The area includes the mu­nicipal territory of 400 km ² and is located in the center of Vo­jvodina. It stretches West of the Tisza between municipalities Bečej, Srbobran, Temerin, Novi Sad, Titel, and in the East , in Banat, adjacent municipalities are Novi Bečej and Zrenjanin. Longitude is 45 ° 22' 02" N and the width 20 ° 03' 17" E.




at 1 km²


average age






average salary


number of Primary schools

4 (2670 students)

number of Secondary schools

1 (697 students)


Through the Municipality of Žabalj crosses main road M-7 (Novi Sad-Zrenjanin), the regional road R-122 (Bečej-Titel) and local road L-104 (Žabalj-Temerin). The M-7 road 15 km from the Žabalj joins the international route E-75 (Corridor 10). For passenger cars, crossroad of regional road R-122, and the local road is in populated area Šajkaš Corridor 10 at distance of 10 km or less. Railway infrastruc­ture is developed, and it is used for freight traffic. Inter­national airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, is 80km away from the Municipality of Žabalj. The municipal territory is extremely rich in water courses such as: the river Tisza, Old Tisza and Jegrička and extensive canal system Danube-Ti­sa-Danube. International Tisza river is suitable for domes­tic and international inland waterway transport and there is a possibility to construct the marina on it.


The most important economic branches in the munici­pality are: agriculture, the processing industry, wholesale, and retail. According to the data from the State Statisti­cal Office, agriculture, hunting, forestry, and water-related business activities made up 42% of the municipal budget revenue, 25% came from the processing industry, 14% from electricity & gas production and supply, and around 5% from transport, warehousing, and transport- related activities. This data clearly shows that agriculture is still the central economic branch. Arable land covers 32,255 hectares.

Investment Opportunities

Location 1
Name: East Industrial Zone
Area: 41 ha 62 a 30 m² 

The Zone is an exceptional location, situated on the M-7 main road (Novi Sad – Zrenjanin), 15 kilometers from the E-75 international route and 20 kilometers from Novi Sad, 25 kilometers from Zrenjanin, and 80 kilometers from Belgrade. The zone stretches across 42 hectares and has a relevant technical documentation. The industrial zone is intended for the construction of industrial facilities, rendering urban services, warehouses, depositories, and other small business facilities. All infrastructure/public utilities stretch to the borderline of Industrial zone. Lease of land for the period of 99 years is possible.