• Representing the interests of members and the economy as a whole in relations with the executive;
  • Creating the conditions and environment to improve work and business in the economy;
  • Providing adequate services to its members, according to authorities and program orientation of chambers of commerce.
  • Developing a core base of information and regulations, in accordance with economic priorities of the Region, the Chamber's membership structure and preparing the country for integrating processes (EU) and International Organization (WTO).
  • Motivating companies to participate in selected exhibitions and economic events abroad
  • To promote the potential of national economies and regions in the country and abroad
  • Establishment of cooperation with chambers and other institutions abroad
  • Improving the existing cooperation with foreign chambers of commerce, in terms of shared services (directly and via the internet)
  • Preparation of development projects for external financing and to explore new sources of funds
  • Intensive activities will be directed towards intensification of cooperation with municipalities
  • Define and establish new ways of informing the membership of the Chamber